Memorandum of Understanding with CFP

ICTP-ECAR and The Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP) at Zewail City of Science and Technology in Cairo – Egypt have signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage and promote scientific collaborations between CFP and ICTP-ECAR scientists.



Memorandum of Understanding with RIAPA

ICTP-ECAR and The Research Institute for Applied Physics & Astronomy (RIAPA) at University of Tabriz – Iran have signed a memorandum of understanding.



Memorandum of Understanding Between IZTECH & ICTP

ICTP and IZTECH have signed a ICTP-IZTECH-MoU on collaborating towards the creation of Eurasian Centre for Advanced Research as a regional branch of ICTP. (Trieste, 12.09.2012)

Feasibility Report (in Turkish) for establishment of ICTP-ECAR has been prepared with the support of İzmir Development Agency, İZKA….

ICTP-ECAR Annual Reports


İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is a government university dedicated to research and graduate education in science, engineering and design. It has been established in 1992. Located at Urla district of İzmir, IZTECH has one of the largest university campuses of Turkey.



For almost half a century, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) has been a driving force behind global efforts to advance scientific expertise in the developing world.

Founded in 1964 by the late Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam,…

Agreements With Other Institutions

Memorandum of Understanding between IZTECH & ICTP in Trieste, Italy (September 2012)

Memorandum of Understanding with RIAPA in Tabriz, Iran (May 2015)

Memorandum of Understanding with CFP in Cairo, Egypt (June 2015)


The Centre will have certain practical needs to be covered by IZTECH, and these can be detailed in separate documents in case of need or by enforcement of local or international law. In the initial stages of the Centre, IZTECH will provide…


Steering Committee

The highest Governing Organ of the Centre will be its Steering Committee whose members will consist of the key partners, policy makers and scientists, in Turkey, in the regions, and int the international landscape.

The Steering Committee will decide about the major…


Brief Information

ICTP – Eurasian Centre for Advanced Research (ICTP – ECAR) is a new regional centre of ICTP which is currently in the process of being established.

The ICTP – ECAR’s goals are:

  • Conduct scientific research at the highest international standards.
  • Provide an international meeting basis…