UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030

UNESCO has launched the new UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030.

Written by about 60 experts who are each covering the country or region from which they hail, the UNESCO Science Report: towards 2030 provides more country-level information than ever before. The trends and developments in science, technology and innovation policy and governance between 2009 and mid-2015 described here provide essential baseline information on the concerns and priorities of countries that should orient the implementation and drive the assessment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the years to come.

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ICTP-ECAR Associates Program

ICTP-ECAR is expecting applications (nominations) for associates.

Regular Associates Program:

  • Open for international applications or nominations.
  • Age range: 30-45 in the year of application. (Upper limit is extended by 2 yr/child for women)
  • Field of study: Active researchers in any field related with the ICTP-ECAR.
  • Selected by the Scientific Council.
  • Membership duration: 3 years.


  • Research visits to ICTP-ECAR: Up to 2 times a year.
  • Minimum duration of each visit : 5 working days.
  • Maximum duration of each visit : 15 working days.
  • Total duration of all visits: 40 days.
  • Dates and content of each visit is subject to coordination and approval.
  • Office space and accommodation. Interaction with local researchers at the Centre.


Proposal Form for Colloquia

The aim of the ICTP-ECAR Colloquia is to provide a series of seminars, addressing to a broad audience ranging from undergraduate students to experienced researchers and academics.

Speakers are internationally recognized experts within their discipline (natural sciences, engineering, or industry) and they possess professional presentation skills.

Each colloquium speaker should be assigned a local host among the members of ICTP-ECAR, IZTECH or Teknopark Izmir to accompany the speaker’s visit.

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Particle Physics Post-Doc Position in Egypt

The Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt  announces 1 post-doctoral position in Particle Theory. The researcher is expected to work on physics beyond the Standard Model. Interested candidates can have detailed information from the page
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Physics Today Article About ICTP Branches

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Scientific Council Member Receives Prestigious Award

Theoretical condensed matter physicist Prof. Ramin Golestanian of the University of Oxford has received the 2014 Holweck Medal and Prize, “for his pioneering contributions to the development of the new research area of active soft matter, particularly microscopic swimmers and active colloids”. The prestigious annual prize is given jointly by the British and French Physical Societies since 1946. Nobel Laureates Alfred Kastler and Pierre-Gilles de Gennes are among the previous recipients.

The research of Prof. Golestanian focuses on understanding “living matter” or biological processes in terms of physical methods. He describes the prospects…

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ICTP-ECAR Inauguration Conference

ICTP-ECAR Inauguration Conference was held in Izmir Institute of Technology from May 5 to 7, 2014. The conference began with an opening ceremony on 5th of May and continued with colloquium-style invited talks by distinguished scholars the following two days. ICTP-ECAR Steering Committee and Scientific Council members were among the participants and presenters. Over 400 participants attended ICTP-ECAR Inauguration Conference.

Please click here to see ICTP-ECAR Inauguration Conference Photos.

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Please click here to watch ICTP-ECAR Inauguration Conference Videos.

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ICTP Prize Winners 2013


The 2013 ICTP Prize in honour of Marie Curie has been awarded to Dr. Yasaman Farzan, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

“The prize recognises Professor Yasaman Farzan (Iran) for her theoretical contributions to the physics of neutrinos, including development of the unitarity triangle method to determine the CP-violating phase, identification of symmetries leading to particular values of the phase and the proposal to use polarisation measurements to obtain information about CP violation. She has explored general conditions under which neutrino masses and properties of dark matter are related,…

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