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Physical, Biological and Chemical Foundations of Bioelectronics, Biophotonics and Biosensors


Under the auspices of ICTP-ECAR, the goal of the proposed workshop is to bring together the experts and interested parties to interrogate and discover a set of crucial bio-chemical parameters that correlate fundamentally with the physical electromagnetic phenomena in bioinspired, biomimetic and biological systems with an emphasis on addressing the needs for future practical implementations in technology and medicine.


  • Urartu Ozgur Safak Seker, Bilkent University
  • M. Hadi Zareie, Izmir Institute of Technology

Planery Speakers

  • J. Errington, Newcastle University
  • David Cahen, Weizmann Institute

Invited Speakers

  • M. Z. Baykara, Bilkent University
  • N. Bulut, Izmir Institute of Technology
  • M. Culha, Yeditepe University
  • A. Dâna, Bilkent University
  • E. Durgun, Bilkent University
  • S. Hanay, Bilkent University
  • C. Kocabas, Bilkent University
  • E. Mutlugün, Abdullah Gül University
  • Devrim Pesen Okvur, Izmir Institute of Technology
  • B. Ortaç, Bilkent University
  • İ. Ozden, Brown University
  • E. Sari, Izmir Institute of Technology
  • H. Sahin, Izmir Institute of Technology
  • C. Tekin, Izmir Institute of Technology
  • S. Timur, Ege University
  • H. Yildiz, Izmir Institute of Technology

Topics & Coverage

Cellular and molecular communication in organismal systems is primarily accomplished through electromagnetic signal transduction that empowers the organism to carve out an evolutionary advantage under a given ecological condition. Biological communication takes place hierarchically at many dimensional scales from the molecular to cellular, tissue and organ levels that make life viable. Inspired by nature, recently bioelectronics systems are mimicked both to study the electrical basis of signal transduction, e.g., between two biomolecules, e.g., protein and DNA, or between two cells across their membranes via a gap junction. Similarly, biophotonics have also been studied, in fact, for a longer time period. Three reasons for these studies could be listed as:

  • Discovering the principles of physical phenomena encountered in organisms based on their physico-chemical interactions and, first, to correlate them with the life’s working principles, and then, to evolutionary processes;
  • Creating the capability to correlate these principles with the evolutionary processes and local and global ecology, and
  • Using these fundamentals to develop bioinspired technologies and practical biomimetic systems for everyday utility.

Workshop Venue

Izmir Institute of Technology Library Conference Hall.

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Workshop Program
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Accommodation Information:

Guest House: IYTE Yaşam Merkezi

  • Single Room: 60 TL**
  • Double Room: 45 TL**
** per person, per night

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