Call for Proposals (2017)

ICTP – Eurasian Centre for Advanced Research (ICTP-ECAR), as a newly established institute in Izmir, is calling for proposals of scientific activities to be held in 2017.

ICTP-ECAR intends to foster the advancement of basic sciences in the region including Eastern Europe and Near Asia countries. Founded with the collaboration of ICTP and Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), ICTP-ECAR will follow the ICTP model in organisation of its activities. The infrastructure required for the activities to take place will be provided by IZTECH in the initial years.

Mission and Fields of Activity
ICTP-ECAR aims to; conduct scientific research at the highest international standards, provide an international meeting basis for the scientists of the region and the world through schools, workshops and visiting programs, and support researchers in the extended Eurasia region.

Activities of ICTP-ECAR cover all areas of fundamental and applied sciences. Activities in the fields of research that have technological relevance will be particularly encouraged.

Types of Activities
ICTP-ECAR welcomes all proposals in accordance with its mission. As resources of ICTP-ECAR are limited, it will be possible to organise only a certain number of activities in 2017.

Activities expected to be proposed are;

  • Graduate level pedagogical workshops, mini-courses, winter and summer schools,
  • Research workshops on current topics, thematic meetings, symposiums
  • Conferences that bring together scientists from different and related disciplines
  • Colloquia
  • External Activities (organized at other locations can only receive organizational support but not financial support)

There will not be a participation fee for any of the activities. For each activity, the amount of support to be covered by ICTP-ECAR will be decided upon evaluation of the Scientific Council and according to the available budget. The organizers are encouraged to attract additional sponsors to their activities. The number of lecturers/invited speakers/organizers that can be supported for an activity is limited to 5. The support for participants is also very competitive and may cover only local expenses.

Evaluation of Proposals
Proposals will be discussed and evaluated by the Scientific Council of ICTP-ECAR in May 2016, and to have a full consideration the proposals must be submitted before May 20, 2016 using the following online forms:

Any questions on the proposal process can be directed to